In Loving Memory of my Grandma

My grandma was a loving person. In fact she was so loving that I used to call her my favorite grandma. My favorite memory of her was when she used to take me and my cousins shopping on our birthdays. It didn’t matter who’s birthday it was, she would take us all shopping. Another memory I have of my grandma is when me and my mom used to take her to go play bingo all the time. The times I remember being with when we used to go play bingo was the bowling alley, Angeno’s, and the casino. Speaking of the casino, my grandma loved going to the casino.
Every time she knew she was going to the casino, or bingo, or anywhere, she would always dress herself up nicely, have the curlers in her hair, have her makeup on, and put on her necklaces.
She was always the type to help a person out. She would give money to those who needed it.
She would always do the dishes and the laundry in order to make herself feel like she was helping out.
We used to take grandma over to my uncle’s house, where we would play crochet, bean bags, and one time we even played catan.
She always believed in Jesus, and even had a Bible that she used to read. She would always watch this guy named Charles Stanley on the television almost every weekend. One time, me and my mom took her to our church, The Crossing, and the one time she went there she liked it and wanted to go there again.
So, we know, without a doubt, that she went to be with Jesus. She is in His hands now. We will all miss her, but at least we know that she is in a better place.


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